“Facilitating the teaming with over 60 years of combined experience across Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Energy, Rollingstock, Mining and Defence."

Global Reach with Local Delivery

Projects are becoming more and more complex and invariably are put together in multiple regions, we have the capacity to provide a solution wherever the need arises with our global supply chain networks and established channels.

A Springboard into the Northern Territory & SE Asia.

Well established structure in Darwin and across the Northern Territory, Osprey are a key Alliance Partner to help establish, grow and support your expansion plans in the Northern Territory & SE Asia.Well established structure in place in Darwin and operating
across the Northern Territory, Osprey are a key Local Alliance Partner to help
establish, grow and support your expansion plans in the Northern
Territory & SE Asia, harnessing the existing capability and networks
already in the Territory we work in a collaborative way in a hub environment to
provide a cohesive solution for your project start up or addressing bottlenecks
or expansion plans. 



Working with our Technology Partners we create leading edge safe, virtual environments allowing personnel to experience and get accustomed to the exact operating environment they will be working in whilst in a controlled and safe space.  

Safety, Risk Mitigation and Competence

Three key values that we eat live and breathe, high risk, dangerous environments – with everything that everyone does Health, Safety and Compliance are the most important factors that are non negotiable throughout the whole operation and supply chain.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 arrangements (MSP/RPO)

Osprey are establishing long-term strategic partnerships with a network of tier-one and tier-two supplier arrangements managing all providers under the Osprey Hub.

Osprey can manage and be accountable for your whole project recruitment process providing complete accountability and transparency through one point of contact for all staffing requirements, one invoice, one channel to co-ordinate and manage your whole process without you using separate suppliers.

Design, Engineering & Construction

From pre feasibility through design, construction to commissioning we cover all stages to get the project across the line to handover on time within budget.

Collaboration is The Key

In a globally competitive marketplace we need to combine our strengths to win and deliver projects. Ospreys mission is collaboration over competition and using our Hub of specialist service providers combined with our extensive networks and wealth of project experience we embrace and promote healthy collaborative solutions.

60 years + combined experience

Gained in some of the most far flung places around the globe, our team’s first hand experience coupled with years of project look back, audit and review is a major value proposition for our clients.

Osprey Global

Why Partner With us?

  • - With extensive Global Supply Chains and a proven track record across many regions we have a far reaching footprint to step with.
  • - Having been in the Territory for many years Osprey are the perfect platform to launch your expansion into the NT . With all that it has to offer, the Gateway to SE Asia is where it all begins.
  • - In attracting companies who want to expand their footprint and set up in new regions we are able to assist with the whole mobilisation process door to door, thus allowing for a very smooth passage at a stressful time and with assimilation partners looking after you and your family all the way the whole process is as seamless as possible.

    Osprey are the conduit providing the Teaming with over 60 years of combined experience across Oil & Gas, Defence, Marine and Energy.


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